Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lesson 86-88: Some Introspection & The nose

Since I've been looking back on all my work recently it has been quite exhilarating to see how far I've come in such a short time. If you hadn't noticed, all the blogs previously were done over a period of 3-4 days to help catch up on the work I had done so far. From here on I will try to write my blogs as I progress through my "Structure of Man" lessons. If you've read this from the beginning , it must be fairly interesting to see how far I've come, if not, well, nothing much I can do about that eh? :). As I said, its amazing to see how far I've progressed. I started on the 13th of February and it is now the 21st of April. That's a period of two months and just over one week, (or 9 weeks). And I've not been doing these lessons every day to make this happen, sometimes periods of 3-5 days will pass before I look at anymore lessons, sometimes I'll watch 8 or 9 in one shot, it all depends on how psyched I am, what part I'm working on, etc. Throughout this period I've become more and more comfortable with my work, so much so that I have critiqued other peoples work with regards to anatomy and proportion because I now understand much better what, and how the body is doing things (that said I never profess that I know everything about the human body, just that I have a much more in depth understanding compared to others that have probably been drawing for years).

Introspection aside, I now present to you all the nose. Surprisingly simple and easy to execute on a muscled face, a few well placed lines and BAM! one nose. :) Even the nostril is easy to put on, doing it in 3d is only slightly more difficult, my nose here is a little wonky but after some more practice I'm sure it will come together. I also did a side view head and added the ribcage and humerus to see how things are looking with regards to the face, I gotta admit its looking pretty cool now :)

Please note also my work will probably be slowing for a while since I have a proverbial manure load of Uni work to do, but be sure that when the holidays arrive things will pick up :)

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