Saturday, April 21, 2007

Leeson 73, 74: Completion; The basic structure of man discovered

This was more than just a eureka moment for me. I was almost afraid to finish the complete skeleton. Don't ask me why but a tiny part of my mind said to me that this achievement was never meant to happen. After calm reasoning with my inner demons I told the little voice inside me to shut the fuck up, did lessons and drew my skeleton in its entirety. Riven at this point didn't really need to tell me what to do and as you would know I didn't really need to listen either. It all came together in about 15-20 mins. I did mess up the hand at first on the side view but there was no panicking, I simply drew on the formulas that said the length of the hand was a little less than the height of the head and a little wider and just did it. I was almost too calm about it for my liking though, that's not to say I felt bored or that the achievement was mundane. More that my eyes were looking over the horizon to the next part of the tutorials, the muscles. It finally hit me that though everything previous was great in its own right, in reality I had only just begun, all I had achieved so far was the scaffolding for the human being. I could hardly draw an outline around my skeleton and call it a day, there was still some serious learning to be done. In one sense I was secretly dreading it because maybe I wouldn't get up to par, but on the other hand I was bouncing on the inside, almost like a weasel outside a chicken coup (if you recall loony tunes), I want the meat! :D

Note: On this picture I screwed up the radius and unla, one is back to front but I don't know which one! :(

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