Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lesson 75-85 The muscles of the face

Well after long last we are moving onto the real in depth parts. I'm afraid there are no progressive shots of my work so what you will see below is just a huge lump of progress. This work took up to about a week, each lesson outlined 1-3 sets of muscles up to a total of 16 (22 if you consider that most were doubled up cos they appeared on each side of the face). Riven conveniently named each muscle from A-P to help keep track of them and the order they should be done. This helped immensely with regard to not missing any and alot of the letters helped to associate with certain types of muscles, eg. the L muscle on the chin looked like a 90 degree "L" as a "V" shape. Extremely useful stuff.

Though there was so much to keep track of with the face hopefully it won't be as bad with other areas. It certainly was a eye-full :) but finally getting into the muscles has been really awesome, this is all one step closer to a final product. One last thing to note is that since I've been doing these lessons I have learned so much about the body as well as about drawing, especially the concept to drawing 3dimensionally from 2d elements (that said though, I have been reluctant to push into that area in case I stuff up or learn bad habits). Though the road has been at times rocky and up and down, I have never given up because it was too hard, gotten stuck on something or anything like that. If I had, I certainly wouldn't be up to this point now.

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