Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lesson 67-72: The hand

To say I learned alot from these lessons is an understatement, I enjoyed every second of these lessons. Even though the hand was quite complicated, it just all came together so easily, the formulas were very simple for the kind of complex structure that the hand is. After I drew out a study of my first hand I was quite shocked at how similar it looked to a real skeletal hand, I may be over exaggerating the point maybe, but when I looked at it I saw a skeleton hand, I didn't have to piece it together and use my imagination. Like when I did the skull for the first time I sort of experienced the same kind of thing with the hand. I went hand crazy.

Maybe you will understand the why more if you are in the same position. You've seen hands all your life, touched them, used them, you have them. But when it came to picking up a pencil and drawing them it was a lost cause. Then suddenly you are given the power of being able to draw them, what would YOU do with said power? ;) Admittedly, the hands I drew were not perfect every time, since I never really understood intuitively how the hand moves I drew quite a few hands in what you would call "illegal" positions. My biggest trip up was the fact that I imagined the fingers were able to somehow bend horizontally at joints away from the palm. You'll know what I mean when you see them, believe me. To catch on this I actually used my own hand alot to model "legal" poses before and after, in hands that looked a bit screwy I tried to pose my hand the way I drew it and found alot of them fucking hard to pull off, to make some of the poses I would actually have to break my fingers :).

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