Friday, May 11, 2007

Lesson 91-94 The ears, lips, and moving the mouth.

Well after more than a couple of weeks filled with uni work, I've finally gotten back to the lessons. Practice in the intervening time has been little to nil so I have virtually nothing to show for it (although I DO have numerous assignments and tests finnished that wern't done crappily so I feel no guilt). I have been so frustrated with the eyes I just haven't had the will to pick up the oh-so-expensive-clutch-pencil and try to nut it out alone. This was probably a bad idea but I just couldn't bear the fact that I kept on fucking it up (I hate failure btw). So I left it alone and now that I have free time and am a little less stressed about it I have started soldiering on with lessons 91-94. The ear, lips and mouth movements. This is the last couple of lessons before it starts on another faceplate session of about 8-10 lessons so I figured I should take a couple photos now. The ears and lips were pretty easy to understand, no probs there. The ear seemed like it might have caused problems but shes all good. Lips are another that was easy to get down fast which I'm happy with.

Moving the mouth..... well, lets just say it works better in theory than in practice. My ear on the side view was a little small and a bit wonky and my yelling/screaming face's mouth muscle was a bit skew-wiff but hopefully practice will make it a little better ( the face is meant to be smiling btw). Some good news is that on these attempts my eyes don't looked bugged out and abnormal, here's hoping I can keep it up.

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