Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lesson 95 - 103 -ish

Another week has passed and I've done virtually no sketching in that time apart from a few sketches from life. Since I think they're crap and badly done I won't be showing them here, BUT I have done a fair few SOM lessons. This time we're looking at the face front-on and moving from the muscles to a near finnished product. I remembered to take progress shots after each lesson, it looks pretty impressive and I'm fairly pleased with the finnished product. The face I drew however wasn't a carbon copy, It seems I have a habit (good or bad, I'm not entirely sure yet) of drawing faces that are longer and narrower. It looks pretty nice, though I think the nose and ears are slightly too small, its hard to tell if that is true though. The pictures of my sketches don't do the real sketch justice though, the picture quality is, pardon the pun but looks sketchy, judge for yourself. I went a bit into lesson 103 just so I could add the eyes but didn't finnish the rest. The rest dealt with the side view so I'll leave that for the next blog post.


Vorrox said...

Onya Ferret!

Looks like you're really getting there. I just ordered Riven's vids after doing the first 20 online. I hope to start next week. Nice to see your progress, gives me a taste of the journey. I'll be following you a month or two behind. All the best as you go along.

Greg Henderson.

Simon aka "Ferret" said...

Thanks Vorrox :) nice to know someone other than myself actually reads my blogs :D Even if you feel stuck or confused at times just keep going, slowly but surely it all starts to click together :) good luck.

Vorrox said...

I've bookmarked yr blog, so I'll be watching your progress. I'm still waiting for my DVDs - checking the post box daily.

I must say I was a bit disappointed about the eyes bit. Every time I try to develop one of my basic skull plates into a face it looks like shite, mainly because of the eyes and their placement. I hope it becomes clearer later on ...


Simon aka "Ferret" said...

yep, the eyes are probably one of the hardest things to get right, see my post on lesson 90 for more retrospective analyisis on it. Riven really should have given some more attention to the eyes, it is such a critical part of the face and is the easiest to mess up imo.