Monday, November 26, 2007

Life restarts!

Yesssssss! Exams are over for another year and my 3 month vacation begins ;). I'm finally getting back into drawing, aikido (going to my first training session in over a year) and tin whistle practice, while also flirting with the idea of getting my bagpipe playing back up to par. Ahh, freedom, I've bulked up a fair bit, (since I spent so much time at uni going to the gym was trivial), gotten past the 530 kanji mark and can finally start ratcheting up my study of those too :D.

I know my drawing skills have blunted significantly since I got into this the beginning of this year and my memory of the lessons have also faded somewhat so I'm going to review from scratch all the lessons and refresh myself before I plough on through the rest of the lessons. God DAMN its nice not having to panic about uni anymore! WOOT!

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